Traverso after Hotteterre

Grenadilla, boxwood or ebony, artif. ivory, 1 key silver
A 392 Hz
16th century
French music around 1700
Special notes
'Re-invention' of the flute by the Hotteterre family of instrument makers after a silent period of the traverse flute in the 17th century. The pitch of the Renaissance flute didn’t harmonise with the new instruments of the period of the general bass, which started around 1600 (compositions didn’t require a consort instrument anymore like in the Renaissance, but a virtuoso soprano / Oberstimme with the basso continuo). After the silent period in the 17th century, the flute appears again with the Marais trio around 1695 (mentioned on the front-page). At that time, there are no compositions for the traverse flute in Germany.