Traverso after J. H. Rottenburgh

Boxwood, register-foot, tuning-cork, 1 key silver
415 Hz / 400 Hz / 392 Hz
around 1740
High baroque and style gallant Händel, Telemann, J.S. Bach, the French / Balvet, Leclair, and Hotteterre, Dieupart, Dornel etc. play well, mainly in low pitch. Bach sons Solo sonatas and chamber music (e.g. Paris quartets)
Special notes
Due to the large mensuration, the lower octavo can be played well, the keys / Gabelgriffe are robust and have a good intonation. Therefore the difficult keys like C minor (“Musikalisches Opfer”) and E major can be played easily. The dark colours make the sound special. Very workable flute, well-established in the orchestra and in great halls (Passions, oratorios, cantatas), because thanks to its wide variety of overtones and the stable bass foundation it can always be heard clearly. It plays well together with the strings, which don’t have to play silently anymore in order to make the traverse flute audible. Sounds through very well with other wind instruments (the oboe is often too loud in chamber music – but not with this flute).