Traverso after J. Denner

Boxwood, 1 key silver, register-foot, tuning-cork
A 405 Hz - 392 Hz
around 1720
Early german music
Special notes
In Germany, the first compositions for the traverse flute appear around 1720, 25 years later than in France at the court of Louis XIV. The first sonatas are rearrangements of Händel oboe sonatas, published in Amsterdam. 1725 followed the Bach partita (high A plays perfectly well on the weitmensurierte flute in low pitch), it was probably written for Buffardin who was a flute soloist in the Dresden court orchestra. The French musicians were employed at many German and British courts, and the French court was “en vogue” in all of Europe. Telemann fantasias 1728. Bach sonatas after 1730.